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Allan Y.
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I want to make a special point of thanking you and your Company for getting our roof repaired in a very timely manner. You must have had hundreds of roofs to repair! I appreciate you and your Company Very Much!
Gary R.
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Just recently had a new roof replaced on a 2700 sq ft home. Worked with Cesar on types of shingles, etc. He was very helpful and wasnt even supposed to be here until about now. Crew was very professional, did an excellent job of course, but what most impressed me about the crew is that they all liked working for Cesar and your company. Which is why they do an excellent job. Bought this house in 2003 from Marlette and every one of the people putting shingles on was pissed off because they had to be here. Anyway thanks. Heard good reviews from my wifes friends (Tom and Gerri; dont know their last names) and from a minister of a local church not too far from me when I drove over there and looked at his new roof, took pictures for my wife, and talked to him. He thinks the same thing as I do which is excellent work and customer service. Kudos.
Lorie & Troy W.
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We are very happy with our recent roof replacement. C&C construction team was wonderful to work with, They did an outstanding job even to the point of cleanup. The roof was completed 2 days faster then we thought. Cesar answered all of our questions , we would highly recommend anyone needing a new roof or repairs to use C&C Construction.
Leah & Mark
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Right after my new roof and new skylights were installed, Mother Nature decided to rain, snow, hail, and really give our roof a work out. The roof held up just fine. Everything was about $2000 cheaper then everyone else for a quality product. They even added film tinting to the skylights because I was concerned about how hot they get in the summer. I just love looking through my clear skylights now too. Highly recommend them.
Joe S.
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The crew come out and looked at the project. They new what they had to do of a bad situation. They did a excellent job of the situation. I would prefer them to people on metal roofs. I wish I would of found them the first time of installing our metal roof.
Kevin T.
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Excellent job! Extremely fast, great quality and great customer service! Thank you Cesar and your crew for a great experience!
Donna P.
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They did a great job doing my roof. Everything was super clean when they left. Good hard working crew. Would recommend to everybody.
Dax B.
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Cesar was out the same day that I requested an estimate. My roof looked OK, but it seemed like it was about time to replace (17 years). Cesar took photos with the drone and went up to hammer in a couple of nails and staples that were poking up. Then he told me he thought the roof still had a good 4-5 years left and nothing else was needed right now. I so appreciated his responsiveness and integrity. He even sent me the photos he took! We will be using C&C when the time comes.
Shawn D.
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Thank You Cesar and Team for your quick response to our roofing emergencies. Our house in Umatilla was hit with heavy wind in early summer and labor day. It took off many shingles and blew over a tree. We appreciate your fast response with a call from 3 hours away to fix our roof. You were busy helping so many other going through the same yet you came over, took photos, covered up the damage temporarily until you could work us in and sent me a quote. What great customer service. You are so appreciated!! Shawn
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Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the roofing project. Great work!

We are looking to find someone to paint our garage and trim, (same color). We're hoping when your roofing projects slow down, you might be interested. If not, maybe you could recommend another contractor?

Once again, we're extremely satisfied with the work and services you provided! Happy to give a recommendation for you and your crew!

Thanks so much!
Steve P.
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C + C Construction Services installed a new roof for my mother's home. They were extremely quick, professional, great customer service, very fair priced (at least $1000 difference then other local roofing companies) and completed in 2 days a beautiful roof that could of easily cost $8,000-$10,000, but was very mindful of our budget. My mother and I are very happy with the results of C + C and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to roof their home. I give them two thumbs up & 5 star rating!
Alexes M.
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We used C&C Roofing to replace the roof on our home. They work so fast, are extremely professional and were more than happy to go the extra mile for us. We needed some insulation replaced in our roof. They told me what product to buy at Home Depot and replaced the old, wet, ruined insulation for me at no extra cost. I HIGHLY recommend this company!
Allan A.
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They are great to work with and care about there customers and are patient. They work with your schedule and needs and leave everything the way they found it. The communication with them is top notch he keeps in touch through all the steps and let's u know when his guys will be showing up and materials will be shipped. I could not ask for a better experience with getting my roof replaced. They even helped me get information for my insurance company. My house gets hit with hi winds all the time and they took extra care to make sure the new roof would hold up to abuse of the wind. I cant thank them enough for everything they did and the results we got for are home. They have great selection of colors too! All the workers are very polite and kind. Highly recommended!
Scott L.
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C and C recently replaced my damaged roof. They were very responsive and punctual in both the quote and the install. Cesar was professional and friendly to work with. They had a huge crew to get the work done rapidly. The crew was well organized and responsible, completing a large job (2700 sq ft, multi pitch roof) in only two days! They cleaned up my yard and looks like nothing happened, other than a great new roof! I highly recommend C & C construction.
Goldie K.
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They took 2 days to replace my roof. It looks great! They are professional and they didnt leave a trace of them being here. I highly recommend them. Thank you!!
Steven M.
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I called C & C based on other reviews for an estimate on roof repair or replacement. I was quoted a flat price for all the removal, installation, and materials for the work, with an estimated time of completion. The working crew was punctual and completed the work in a timely, professional manner. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get work done on their home or business.
Carmen M.
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C & C Construction installed a new roof for me. Their price was very competitive, their responsiveness and professionalism was outstanding. I strongly recommend them and I would definitely use them again.
Dakota N.
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I would highly recommend C&C if you are looking for a roof replacement. We had 2 layers of roofing on our house and they were able to get both layers off, new OSB, and the shingles up all in just 2 days (I had other quotes of up to 4 days). Cesar was always easy to get ahold of either by texting or calling. My wife and I have zero complaints.
Al p.
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C&C Construction did an excellent job on my roof. Was able to get the job done a month before scheduled i was very happy being my roof was in very poor condition when i moved into my house, leaking with the slightest precipitation. While they were roofing house they noticed my garage, i have a large lot and garage was mistaken as a different property when job was originally estimated given the space between garage and house. Garage was not leaking didn't plan to have it redone i knew it was not in estamate, but would be different color from new roof chosen. Was made an offer on garage i couldn't refuse so got both house and garage done for a great price. I Recommend C&C Construction i know they are a very busy company i had a waiting period, the price the work quality and completion time (2 days) was well worth the wait. Very satisfied very professional crew great overall experience and i have the best looking roof on the block.
Gene T.
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I have rather large roof and it was done in only a day including cleanup. Awesome hardworking crew and it looks fantastic.
Oscar M.
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Hired them to replace some shingles and my plastic vents. Very informative through the whole process. Came highly recommended. Definitely give your self plenty of time for any work as this industry is backed up several weeks.
Katy B.
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Did a very good professional job. Was done in one day. All employees were friendly and worked well as a team.
Suzanne Z. S.
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I just want to thank you for the amazing job you did on replacing our roof on Saturday! Your team was awesome. They were courteous and so fast! It looks so good and we will tell everyone what a great job you did! Thank you so much!
Brandon H.
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Always a pleasure working with this company. They do great work!
Mr. & Mrs. Youngman
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I am very happy with the roof installed on our residence. The construction crew arrived in a timely manner and got to work. They were very professional about their work routine. Cesar of C & C Construction completed all tasked that they would do. I am very pleased and roof looks great.
J. Gallagher
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I definitely recommend this company. I was very satisfied with the quality of the metal roofs they installed for us. Their quality of work and attention to detail was very much appreciated.
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