Reveal Series Panels are designed for wall, fascia and soffit applications where a flush or flat appearance is desired. A rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system improves the flush appearance while providing additional strength. Panels are factory-formed to length to minimize field cutting. Maximum panel length is 21 feet and minimum panel length is 5 feet.

Features & Benefits

  • 12?Coverage Panel
  • Concealed fastener
  • Reveal of panel can range from 1? to 6?
  • Short-cut capability down to 3'
  • Maximum panel length 21'
  • Long length flashing available up to 21'

Material Specifications

  • 24 gauge Kynar 500 Painted Steel.0236? (thickness prior to painting) G-90 Galvanizing or AZ-50
  • 22 & 24 gauge bare Zincalume Plus with Clear Acrylic Coating-AZ-55
  • 22 gauge Kynar 500 Painted Steel .029? (thickness prior to painting G-90 Galvanized or AZ-50: Select colors, see data sheet for details
  • 22gaugeRusteel (Cold Rolled) and 22 gauge Rusteel Plus (A606)
  • .032 Kynar 500 Painted Aluminum: Select colors, see data sheet for details
  • 16 and 20 ounce Copper


  • 19Standard Colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 5 Specialized Colors
  • Kynar 500 Paint System-the ultimate in exterior durabiity and color retention
  • Cool color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain todwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR criteria
  • Superior quality, two-coat, 70% resin finish, applied at a 1 mil. thickness
  • 40-year residential paint warranty
  • 20 and 30 year commercial paint warranty:(Contact TMP for warranty specifications)


Standard 24g Cool Kynar 500 Colors

Metallic Cool Kynar 500 & Specialized Materials
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