Ecoasis Sol Overview
Ecoasis Sol is a laminate shingle that features specially engineered solar reflective granules.

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Solar Reflective Shingles
The Ecoasis line of shingles feature Cool Roofing Granules from 3M that reflect solar rays, which may reduce the amount of heat entering your home and can result in lower attic temperatures compared to standard shingle colors. These shingles meet the required reflectance to be designated with industry leading energy conservation standards, including: ENERGY STAR, Cool Roof Rating Council, and California Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6 compliance. Colors with an SRI at 29 or above also meet LEED requirements. To augment the Ecoasis shingle line, Malarkey makes solar reflective 10" EZ-Ridge XT and 10" Hip & Ridge Strips in matching colors.
Superior Granular Embedment
Malarkey's quality control combined with exceptional materials ensures superior granule adhesion and durability to protect your investment.
Double Rain Seal Protection
A rain seal helps hold shingles in place during high winds and protects against wind-blown rain entering beneath the shingles. Malarkey laminate shingles are manufactured with an extra line of defense in the critical area for laminated shingles, with double SEBS asphalt rain seals. Malarkey's SEBS asphalt has adhesive properties to join the shingle together and cohesive properties to prevent it from separating. SEBS is also flexible down to 0F (-18C), ensuring the rain seal remains intact through freeze and thaw cycles.
Limited Wind Warranty
Ecoasis Sol shingles come with a 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty.
Enhanced Wind Warranty
Ecoasis Sol shingles are eligible for a 130 mph (209 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty when Malarkey's Smart Start shingles are installed, shingles are 6-nailed, and one or more of Malarkey's supporting products Arctic Seal, Right Start UDL, SecureStart, EZ-Ridge XT (10") or Hip & Ridge Strips (10") are used.
Features & Benefits
  • Limited Lifetime Material Warranty
  • 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty
  • 130 mph (225 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty Available
  • Your Choice Warranty Program
  • 12-year Right Start Warranty
  • Ecoasis Sol is ENERGY STAR? and CRRC Listed, and CEC Title 24, Part 6 Compliant
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