Contour Series gives you the custom look you want within your budget. If one of our standard profiles does not match your design requirements, no problem. We specialize infabricating panels that match your parameters, not ours. Contact us so we can help you fulfill your vision of the perfect look.

Features & Benefits

  • 12" and 16" panel coverage
  • Horizontal or vertical application (Rain Screen)
  • Concealed fastener attachment
  • Panels interchangeable within Contour Series
  • Short-cut capability down to 3'
  • Maximum panel length 21'
  • Long length flashing available up to 21'
  • Perforated panels available (please inquire)
  • Tested for: ASTM E283, E330 and E331
  • Custom profiles you design

Material Specifications

  • 24 gauge Kynar 500 Painted Steel.0236"(thickness prior to painting) G-90 Galvanized or AZ-50
  • 22 & 24 gauge bare Zincalume Plus with Clear Acrylic Coating AZ-55
  • 22 gauge Kynar 500 Painted Steel .029? (thickness prior to painting G-90 Galvanized or AZ-50: Select colors, see data sheet for details
  • 22 gauge Rusteel (Cold Rolled) and 22 gauge Rusteel Plus (A606)
  • .032 Kynar 500 Painted Aluminum: Select colors, see data sheet for details


  • 19Standard Colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 5 Specialized Colors
  • Kynar 500 Paint System-the ultimate in exterior durability and color retention
  • Cool color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain todwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR criteria
  • Superior quality, two-coat, 70% resin finish, applied at a 1 mil. thickness
  • 40-year residential paint warranty
  • 20 and 30 year commercial paint warranty:(Contact TMP for warranty specifications)


Standard 24g Cool Kynar 500 Colors

Metallic Cool Kynar 500 & Specialized Materials
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